4 Ways to Invite Excellence into your Life

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  1. 2 Change your perception

    I often times ask my kids to help with the laundry. We all know that doing laundry perfectly is not on the top of our kids’ priority list. They do it, but it’s not perfect. How we perceive this situation is going to determine our response. 

    You give the kids a load of towels to fold and put away. Okay, so the towels are folded into squares, instead of the perfect tri-fold. They are put away, but some have been crammed into the back instead of neatly organized. You can either have a “come apart” and rant and rave about how terrible they did the work or you can realize that “Hey, at least I have a clean towel.” This is how we allow our perceptions to color our day. 

    How do we change our thinking so that we can have a more positive impact on our perceptions and not give our kids a “laundry complex”? You can start by realizing that you are responsible for your thoughts. If your thought process is tearing others down, instead of building them up, encouraging, and teaching, then you need a thought overhaul. Pay attention to your responses.

    How many times a day do you say, “I’ve got to ……?.” “I’ve got to go to the store. I’ve got to pay the bills. I’ve got to go to work. I’ve got to cook supper.” 

    Okay, so where I am going with this. Think about this for a minute. What if instead of saying, “I’ve got to” you use the term, “I get to.” I get to cook a healthy meal for my family, there are many who go hungry. I get to go to work, so I can pay my bills, there are many without jobs. I have money in my pocket, so I get to go to the store and buy food. I get to work out in the morning, there are many who are ill and can’t get up. Do you see how changing that one word in our vocabulary can change our entire perception of events in our lives? 

    Our thoughts become words, our words become actions. If we are going to change our actions it has to start with changing our thoughts, then our words. Take the time to see how purposely watching our words change our perceptions. You will have to give it some thought, which is a good way to reflect on how we see the events in our lives. 

    Take on this challenge to see how it affects others. The next conversation that you have with someone, change your “got to’s” into “get to’s”. Watch their expression as you change your words and be prepared because they are going to ask you about what you are doing. You can then simply explain to them that you are changing your perception on everyday tasks. Life doesn’t have to be a daily drudge through the painful. It can be an exciting daily adventure if we choose to make it so. Unless you like being miserable and bored. Come out of your shell and share in the excitement that can be found in the journey of Inviting Excellence into your Life. 

    Action item: Ask yourself,  

    1. How do I react to disappointing situations? 
    2. Am I looking for solutions/encouraging thoughts, seeking to help build up others or blaming, negative thoughts?  
    3. Am I judging people and being critical? 

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