10 Beaches to Blow Your Mind


Let’s face it; the beach that will next blow your mind is more than likely the next one you can get to, regardless of where it is. 

We love beaches, despite their many inconveniences. The impolite, pushy and un-shy sand. The temperamental surf. The wind that whips hair, sand, and surf into a frenzy. The sun that burns that spot the sun block cream didn’t reach. The sharks that stalk us (thankfully, usually, in our minds alone). 

Yes, we love them. A beach always feels like the ultimate escape. Why? Is it an evolutionary hangover? Are we returning to our ancient origins as creatures- crawled-out-of-the-ocean? Or did we develop our desire for the beach alongside our need for the food that the ocean provides? Is it the sound of the waves, which science says has a calming effect on our brain activity? Maybe it’s the guaranteed hit of vitamin D our exposed skin absorbs. 

We could speculate all day. Except that brings us no closer to the beach. And at the beach, there’ll be no speculation; we’ll be in the moment. So go! Find a beach. Go now. Don’t wonder why. You know it’s the right thing to do. 


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