Top Fitness Biohacks You Should Know

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  1. 2 Chapter # 2: Muscle Growth

    If you’re looking to improve your muscle mass, then the typical technique of looking after your reps won’t get you anywhere. There are specialized methods that can help you build more muscle: 

    Time under Tension: 

    When it comes to increasing muscle, the first priority should be following the right technique. This is where a TUT regimen comes in. This regimen involves putting the muscles under strain for as long as possible so that they can gain maximum endurance and with that, maximum muscle. There is no doubt that reps matter, but if you’re thinking of sacrificing quality then the results won’t be those that are expected. This particular training method is much more superior to other workouts mainly because it keeps in mind the biological factors of the body. The body is set to adopt the conditions it is put in. When a muscle fiber is stretched for a long enough time it increases in length. This process is known as hypertrophy and is exactly what this method succeeds in achieving. 

    Workout supplements: 

    The right type of supplements can give you a guaranteed edge in your objective of obtaining increased muscle mass. 

    • i. BCAA: 

    BCCAs or branched chain amino acids are one of the most taken supplements among athletes and builders. They greatly enhance muscle activities after workouts and decrease the intensity of breakdown in muscles, which gives them such a high place among individuals. Studies have supported this statement and have repeatedly proven that BCAAs are more efficient than other supplements. Moreover, the major source of energy is glycogen which is found right in the muscles. BCAAs are responsible for making sure that they don’t run out too quickly and last long enough for enduring tasks. 

    • ii. Beta-Alanine: 

    This supplement might not be directly responsible for increasing muscle mass, but it does have effects that indirectly result in it. The major limitations that an individual faces while performing any kind of workout are fatigue, which leads to tiredness, and that ultimately reduces the duration and intensity of the workout. Research has shown that an increase in the muscle’s acidity or pH can result in an increased amount of fatigue. Therefore it is only reasonable that the level of acidity is countered. This can be accomplished using a chemical called carnosine which is formed through the synthesis of beta-alanine. Once the carnosine in the muscles has neutralized the acidic chemicals, the body is once again ready to work at full pace. 

    • iii. Carbohydrates: 

    Carbohydrates should not be forgotten as an ingredient to greater muscles. Carbohydrates are vital for improving the status of proteins during workouts through two mechanisms. The first one involves the use of carbohydrates in exercises of lighter intensities, whereas, in the longer run, carbohydrates make sure that the body’s glycogen reserves do not run out, which enables the body to engage in exercises for much longer. 

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