Top Fitness Biohacks You Should Know


Most of use the word fitness in our lives as if it means nothing, but being a little more specific, what are the factors that decide the level of fitness a person has? Fitness, specifically talking about physical fitness, is a collection of attributes that must be attained by a person in order to efficiently perform everyday tasks. Fitness is something that is dependent on perspective; what might be healthy and justified for some might be too little for you or vice versa. This diversity can create a little problem in specifically defining fitness, but still, scientists have been able to come up with a few parameters that can correctly define fitness: 

i. Cardiopulmonary functions: 

The body is fed fuel in the form of glucose and oxygen which is used in each and every function in the body, all the way down to blinking. This im- plicitly means that your physical fitness is directly dependent on the effi- ciency of the cardiopulmonary system and its characteristics. 

ii. Body composition: 

To attain tip-top physical fitness, it is absolutely necessary that the body is the perfect height as well as weight. A quantity known as BMI is the per- fect marker for body composition, which is used in several departments for classifying obesity of an individual. A Body Mass Index in between 20 and 25 is ideal and looking over at either side of the spectrum you would either be too thin or too obese. In the same way, another characteristic that could judge a person’s body composition is the fat percentage of the body. It is necessary to understand that there is a limit to the amount of fat the body can have. Any higher than that and the body could suffer: 

– For women, lower limit 5%, upper limit 35%. 

– For men, lower limit 5%, upper limit 25% 

iii. Muscle Strength: 

The definition of muscle strength is the extent of force the muscles can exert while doing a physical task. The difference between a normal indi- vidual and a weight lifter is that of muscle strength; explosive strength is made available to the body through the action of twitch muscle fibers. More will be discussed later. 

iv. Endurance: 

Endurance is synonymous with stamina. It means that this is the amount of physical activity a person can carry out without tiring. It’s an important factor that decides the fitness and well-being of a person. The slow twitch muscles in your muscles define your endurance and those are the ones that should be focused on in order to improve endurance. 


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